SAT-ACT Tutoring

SAT-ACT Tutoring


If you can find a better tutor for SAT – ACT tutoring at a more affordable price, go for it.  Here are Steve Manion’s tutoring credentials:

  • 15 years experience
  • Over 1500 students tutored
  • 800 Math and 770 verbal on the SAT
  • Tutored more than 60 National Merit finalists
  • $50 per hour for private SAT and ACT tutoring
  • Classes for as low as $30 per hour
  • Steve Manion comes to your home
  • Tutors seven days a week and accommodates your schedule
  • Keen insight into the learning process
  • Makes studying for standardized tests easy and fun

Steve Manion is a former Harvard National Scholar, an honor bestowed on the 50-100 most outstanding candidates for admission in the country.  He chose Harvard over comparable acceptances and scholarships at Princeton, Yale, Williams College and Columbia.

There are two keys to getting into any highly competitive school:

  • Your academic performance, including your GPA, rank in class, quality of your courses and your test scores
  • Your extracurriculars

Ultimately, highly selective schools want to know the answer to the question: “Do you stand out from your peers?”

There is one key to getting better at standardized tests:


My course is essentially guided practice through actual tests.  I can immediately identify any learning difficulties and can help you to understand the simplest and most effective way to get better.  There is absolutely no better way to improve your score on any standardized test than to practice taking the test.  Practicing taking tests has a spillover effect on other standardized tests.  When I took the Arizona bar in 2006, I had not formally practiced law in almost 12 years and did not take a bar review course.  I still scored the highest in the state on the multistate portion of the test.  My advantage was that I had taken more than 40 SAT tests and 20 LSAT tests in the process of tutoring students.  This helped me to complete the bar more efficiently and to develop a better feel for test-taking in general.

My Course

I recommend the following course for the SAT:

8 weeks, one two-hour session per week.  I come to your home and we go through an actual SAT each week that you have completed before we meet.  I use The Official SAT Study Guide, 2d ed., published by the College Board itself and which contains actual SAT tests.   If there is extra time available, as there will be for high-scoring students, we go through additional tests with a special emphasis on math.

I recommend the following for the ACT:

4 weeks, one two-hour session per week.  The course is otherwise essentially the same as the course for the SAT.  I use The Real ACT Prep Guide, published by the makers of the ACT.


I am totally empirical when it comes to taking the ACT or the SAT.  There is nothing wrong with taking both.  The SAT is more a “how you think” test and the ACT is more a “what you know” test.  I have found that students can be helped more for the SAT than for the ACT and so I recommend the extra sessions for the SAT. 

The math questions on the SAT are actually quite simple for the most part, but are asked in such a way that students often think that the questions are harder than they really are.  The math questions on the ACT, particularly those toward the end of the test, are somewhat harder than those on the SAT, but are much more straightforward.  The reading on the ACT is simpler than the reading on the SAT, but the passages are longer.

There is no real counterpart on the ACT for the sentence completions on the SAT, which emphasize vocabulary development.  The writing on the SAT and the English on the ACT are both quite simple and these sections, as any tutor knows, are the easiest to obtain substantial improvement on.   The Science on the ACT has no real counterpart on the SAT.  It is largely understanding graphs and charts, but is in my opinion definitely the most challenging of the ACT sections.