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Steve ManionSteve Manion is a former Harvard National Scholar and Cornell Law School graduate who has spent the past 15 years tutoring students for standardized tests, math and writing.  Steve’s personal SAT scores were 800 Math and 770 Verbal.  He was also a high school valedictorian.  He tutors for the SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT and GRE.

Until he developed this website, Steve has obtained all of his students from referrals.  He is a gifted tutor who is equally comfortable tutoring students who are gifted and applying to the most highly selective schools and students who are struggling to obtain a qualifying score or to do college level work.

Steve took the Arizona bar in 2006 at the age of 57 and scored 179.8 on the multistate portion of the test, the highest in the state.

He is very familiar with the application process particularly for highly selective schools, having served for 10 years as chairman of the Western New York Schools and Scholarship Committee for Harvard.  He has attended two Harvard workshops on the application process and reviews students’ applications at no additional cost.  Under his leadership, 17 students from Western New York were accepted one year, an all-time record for that area.

At their core, standardized tests are games.  Steve Manion has had a crossword puzzle published in the New York Times and is a champion poker, backgammon and bridge player who has keen insight into the process of getting better at standardized tests.

You are unlikely to ever find a more gifted tutor at a more reasonable price.

Steve can be reached at (480) 227-7322 or