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Cornell Law Graduate

As a Cornell graduate I can help you on the road to success with your S.A.T and P.S.A.T scores.

Are you Strugging?

Are you struggling in Math, English, Reading, or Writing? I can help you improve your S.A.T. scores in any of these areas.

Private or Group Instruction

I can provide tutoring in either a private or group setting.

Let me help prepare you for your S.A.T testing in Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. So far I have tutored over 1500 students and lived in the valley since 1999.

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To improve your success to higher learning, please call me at (480) 227-7322.

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To graduate from college, you must first be accepted into college. The higher you can score on your test examinations, the better your chances will be for acceptance. Contact Steve now to get started.

Math Exams

The math questions on the SAT and ACT are actually quite simple for the most part, but are asked in such a way that students often think that the questions are harder than they really are. Contact Steve now to get started.


The writing on the SAT and the English on the ACT are both quite simple and these sections, as any tutor knows, are the easiest to obtain substantial improvement on. Contact Steve now to get started.

Steve Manion

Steve Manion is a former Harvard National Scholar and Cornell Law School graduate who has spent the past 15 years tutoring students for standardized Read More...
I am totally empirical when it comes to taking the ACT or the SAT. There is nothing wrong with taking both. The SAT is more a “how you think” test and the ACT is more a “what you know” test. I have found that students can be helped more for the SAT than for the ACT and so I recommend the extra sessions for the SAT.